Project success

Risk Management

Project at a glance

Customer: German utility company

Industries: Energy / water supply

Concrete project successes:

  • Transparency of the existing supplier landscape
  • Identification of bottleneck suppliers and evaluation of existing supply risks
  • Long-term consolidation of the strategic supplier base through best practice workshops
  • Savings of over 500 TEURO p. a. through supplier consolidation
  • Execution of best practice benchmark workshops with key suppliers

Project description

Execution of a supplier risk analysis for a German, internationally operating, utility service provider for water, wastewater and energy.

Project execution

The client commissioned The Deutsche Business Consulting GmbH (DBC) to conduct a supplier risk analysis within the existing risk management system.

The objective was to reclassify the current supplier landscape and identify the strategic key and critical bottleneck suppliers.

To carry out the project, the DBC used its own methodology for creating a Procurement Strategy Map. By classifying the above-mentioned supplier types, existing risks were identified, prioritized and appropriate measures were derived.

The measures were implemented in detailed, target-oriented sub-projects, which were supported by DBC with specialist resources.

Finally, a suitable monitoring and reporting tool was designed and implemented in parallel.

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