SAP® Ariba Consulting

The DBC supports your company in the entire procurement process.


SAP® Ariba is a modular complete solution in the cloud for purchasing. It includes strategic and operational functions for procurement. In addition, with the integrated Ariba Business Network, there is a worldwide business network between buyers and suppliers. When selecting modules and implementing them, it is important which process is mapped and which functions are required. For this, the connection to the respective backend system (e.g. SAP ERP or S/4HANA) is important.


SAP Ariba modules in the Procurement Suite

The SAP® Ariba modules are divided into different functional areas:

1. Strategic Procurement

2. Operational Procurement and Invoice Regulation

3. SAP Ariba Supply Chain Collaboration

  • Collaboration between customer and supplier via supply chain for direct material
  • Inventory management
  • Production forecasting

4. SAP Ariba Business Network (Marketplace + Multi-Supplier Portal)

  • • Digital connection of your suppliers with the Ariba network
  • Exchange of requests, offers and contracts
  • Exchange of documents such as purchase orders, contracts, shipping notifications, order confirmations and invoices
  • Exchange and maintenance of catalog data via the network
  • Document integration with existing ERP systems on the purchasing and supplier side
  • Free light account available for suppliers
  • Ariba Open ICS (send self-digitized invoices to the Ariba network)
  • Ariba Commerce Automation (connecting your SAP ERP or SAP SRM system to the Ariba network)
  • Ariba DSN (Digital Supplier Network) for connecting your SAP ERP or SAP SRM to the Ariba network up to 200,000 documents p.a. by partners

5. SAP CIG (Cloud Integration Gateway)


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DBC SAP Ariba Addons (expand here)


SRM Email Wareneingang

DBC Dispatcher

Integration of multiple SAP Backends with SAP® Ariba (more information ...)

SRM Email Wareneingang

DBC invoice converter

Digitalization of invoicing (more information ...)


The advantage of SAP® Ariba is that it offers a complete solution for all these functions, a very user-friendly interface and good integration with SAP® ERP and SAP® S/4 HANA.


We consider Ariba's Business Network, with over 3.1 million suppliers worldwide, to be particularly attractive. Via the network, you can exchange documents digitally, encrypted without media disruption. This is an important prerequisite for digitization in purchasing.


The project implementation is divided into the following phases:

  • Project preparation
  • Conception
  • Implementation (incl. ERP integration)
  • Introduction (incl. user training)
  • Supplier integration (catalogs / exchange of business documents)

The DBC will gladly advise you on the selection of functions and the implementation of SAP® Ariba. With certified SAP® Ariba consultants, we are available as an implementation partner for large enterprises and for customers from medium-sized businesses.

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