Procurement Consulting

We will turn your procurement department into a real value creator!

We advise your procurement and help you to position yourself for the purchasing of the future!

Depending on the industry and country, purchasing is responsible for 50% to 90% of the value added in the company, the largest cost pool, and thus has the greatest leverage for the company's success.

Purchasing Excellence companies measure the success of their purchasing department on the basis of its contribution to value creation.  Our purchasing experts support them with concrete topics and projects.

Here is a selection of the services we offer:


Choosing your eProcurement tool

The introduction of an eProcurement system is not only a strategic necessity for procurement organizations, but also a costly and technical challenge.According to our experience from 15+ years of eProcurement (formerly also called purchasing IT), the biggest task is to make the right decision for the optimal system. This is because, in addition to the actual product selection, the questions of cost/benefit comparison, consideration of future prospects/sustainability, structure of the IT architecture and user-friendly usability also need to be answered positively.

The Deutsche Business Consulting supports this process with a customer-specific preliminary study in order to make the right decision. The result is an analysis and evaluation of the current market for the required tool according to the customer's ideas and specifications. It also includes a neutral and objective recommendation for action for the technical most sensible system.

The procurement strategy of the future!

In the course of industry/procurement 4.0 and a rapid digital transformation, traditional purchasing is evolving from a pure procurement department to a central network organization. With the appropriate organization, the fundamental core functions, such as processes, eProcurement, sourcing, supplier, commodity group and risk management, must be further developed accordingly. A tailored purchasing strategy defines in detail which goals and tasks are to be met for the implementation of these topics within the company in consultation with the company management.

Optimization of the procurement organization

Companies today are continuously exposed to global change processes. Digital transformations and the rapid development in the IT sector present companies with significantly changed challenges in ever shorter cycles. The entire organization needs to be highly flexible and adaptable in order to meet these challenges. In this context, purchasing is moving away from being a pure procurer to becoming a value creator, and is also assuming responsibility for this. With concrete targets, lean processes and agile structures, it provides a significant contribution to the company's success.

Process analysis

Transparent and efficient purchasing processes are the prerequisite for cost-optimized purchasing. Our expertise in process analysis and process design is based on many successful projects. This equips your company for future challenges.