Project success

Best practice raw material management

Project at a glance

Customer: German chemical company

Industries: Chemical / Pharmaceutical / Life Science

Specific project successes:

  • Design and implementation of a global raw material sourcing strategy.
  • Full transparency of required raw materials
  • Identification of weak points and optimization potentials
  • Establishment of a global raw material cockpit for early detection of market changes
  • Savings of over 1 million euros p.a. in the raw materials commodity group
  • Securing production reliability and raw material availability through long-term contracts

Project description

Supporting a leading global specialty chemicals company with more than 35 sites and production facilities in 26 countries in restructuring and optimizing its existing raw materials management.

Project execution

The client commissioned The Deutsche Business Consulting GmbH (DBC) to analyze and optimize the existing raw materials management. In a three-month analysis phase, existing weaknesses and possible optimization potentials were identified together with the customer's procurement and specialist departments using the DBC toolbox.

In the following implementation phase, the cross-functional project team worked through the derived and prioritized measures.

The global sourcing structures were revised and restructured. Each raw material was closely scrutinized using historical data and future forecasts. A global raw material cockpit was designed and implemented. An individual fact sheet was assigned to each raw material, which will take over the controlling and early warning function in the future.

In various workshops with development and production, substitution possibilities for the respective raw materials were examined and implemented through internal process adjustments. Strategic suppliers were involved in these activities.


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