Banking, Insurance

SAP Ariba P2P Snap Implementation

Project at a glance

Customer: German medium-sized company

Industries: Insurance

Specific project successes:

  • Introduction of Ariba P2P Snap
  • Digitization of procurement and invoicing processes
  • Process cost reduction
  • High transparency

Project description

The goal of the project was to introduce an Ariba P2P solution to support procurement and invoice receipt processes.

With the introduction, the process with the associated documents was to be mapped digitally and without media discontinuity. Particular emphasis was placed on complete transparency of the invoice process.

In the initial situation, the procurement process was executed decentral without application support. For invoice regulation, the challenge was to obtain the necessary information for verification.

Project execution

Since there was no central procurement department, the different requirements of the departments had to be reconciled under one (Ariba) hat.

For this purpose, the actual processes were determined, the requirements derived and a process template defined that could be used for all sub-processes.

A converter was developed for processing incoming paper invoices, which converts scanned documents into Ariba format. This means that all invoices, regardless of their original format, can be processed in the same process.

With the successful completion of the project, complete transparency, from procurement request to invoice payment, has been achieved. On the one hand, all necessary information for invoice verification can be retrieved, and on the other hand, automatic invoice verification (keyword: 3-Way-Match) significantly reduces the processing effort.

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