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SAP® Analytics Cloud combines planning activities, forecast analyses and state-of-the-art business intelligence (BI). Intelligent interface technology ensures direct access to SAP® BW, SAP® ERP or the HANA database. SAP® Analytics Cloud also has the option of establishing data connections to Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift or importing csv files.

Based on predefined data models, user-oriented stories are created that retrieve real-time data for analyses without explicit data replication. These analyses can be made available to different users for viewing and/or editing according to a predefined authorization concept. 14-day innovation cycles and a user interface developed according to the principles of responsive design make data analysis a fully comprehensive, mobile experience.

The possible applications in the field of data analysis and visualization are almost unlimited. In particular, the strategic orientation of purchasing can be significantly influenced.

Advantages for your purchasing department:

  • Real-time data analysis is used to prepare supplier meetings

  • Complete spend visibility throughout the entire purchasing and P2P process

  • Different data sources make it easier to obtain a holistic picture of suppliers’ overall performance

  • Predefined key figures, such as changes in material costs, can be analyzed at any time and measures can be taken to reduce costs

  • The geographical classification of spend data in relation to the production sites supplied supports the development of global purchasing strategies

  • The option of evaluating individual procurement goods at the level of users and purchasing groups helps strategic purchasing to identify standardization potentials

  • Preconfigurable digital boardrooms serve managers as a basis for decision-making in management meetings, depending on their area of responsibility and individual requirements


Added value for purchasing by Deutsche Business Consulting GmbH

Thanks to DBC’s high degree of specialization in purchasing processes, we offer key figures that document your success in purchasing better than would be possible in the standard system. Here are two key figures as an example:

  • Mandated purchasing volume
    This key figure makes it clear for which part of the expenditure the purchasing department has a mandate.
    It is also obvious that only expenditure in this area can contribute to a maverick buying rate.
    Savings ratios also use the mandated purchasing volume as a basis Text editor
  • savings
    By documenting the savings, you make the success of purchasing transparent.
    For each source determination, the success of the negotiation is recorded in the corresponding document (contract, catalog item or order item) and can then be evaluated. Negotiation successes without a purchasing document (rent, postage, energy, etc.) can be recorded separately.
    Savings achieved through discounts or quantity/value conditions can also be evaluated.

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