Project success

Lead Buying Technical Gases

Project at a glance

Customer: German technology group

Industries: Retail, telecommunications, automotive

Concrete project successes:

  • Reduction of suppliers
  • Savings of 150T€ by optimizing the delivery and tank filling process
  • Introduction of remote monitoring of tank levels
  • Modernization and standardization of all tank installations by changing suppliers and replacing equipment
  • Reduction of product and equipment costs by 17% (= ~650T€ p. a.)


Project description

Support of a German technology group in the conception, implementation and operational realization of a lead buyer concept for technical gases.

Project execution

The lead buyer concept was to be established for the gas types sour gas, nitrogen and hydrogen as well as helium, argon and propane.

At the beginning of the project, the major challenge was to present a detailed data collection for 8 German production sites regarding consumption quantities, current product costs and monthly rental costs for the tank facilities. Furthermore, the existing contract situations had to be examined and compared, as one objective was the group-wide harmonization of contract terms.

In addition to reducing costs, the main objectives were to optimize processes and procedures for the daily filling of tank facilities and to standardize tank and pipeline equipment across all sites.

Following the successful introduction of the concept for the German sites, a roll-out to the American and Chinese production sites is planned.

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