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Construction Purchasing with AVA and SAP

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Customer: Public utility in Bavaria

DBC offers its construction purchasing and construction department an integrated IT solution based on SIDOUN Globe® and its SAP system.



Who doesn't know the problem in construction purchasing: From calculation to tendering, awarding and invoicing of a construction service, there are many media and system discontinuities. Especially the integration of the construction service providers and the interfaces to controlling and accounting (mostly supported by SAP ERP) are a problem. A fully integrated process is the dream that is already a reality at only a few companies today. Often, isolated solutions exist that are no longer up to date.


As a long-standing SAP partner and partner of SIDOUN International, the multi-award-winning innovation leader for AVA software, we have implemented a fully integrated overall process with the SAP ERP (or in the future SAP S/4HANA) system, which avoids media discontinuities and time-consuming double entries and significantly increases efficiency. You too can benefit from our experience and the solution for your construction projects.


After an extensive market investigation and software selection for suitable AVA systems, we selected SIDOUN Globe®, an AVA software that has been awarded the IT Innovation Prize several times. Together with SIDOUN, we developed the appropriate SAP interfaces to optimize the overall process.

The planning, calculation, tendering and awarding of the construction work is carried out completely in SIDOUN Globe®. Via SAP interfaces, the commercial process of request - approval - order - service entry - invoice or credit note is automatically controlled in SAP without manual double entry. Do you still use SAP SRM? Integration is also possible with this system.

The special feature of external measurement recording - the construction service provider records the measurement independently - is also possible.

Are you a utility company and responsible for the implementation of (multi-division) house connections? We also have the right, integrated process solution for this with SIDOUN Globe® and automated SAP interfaces, also with credit memo procedures if desired.

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