Project success

Restructuring of the purchasing organization

Project at a glance

Customer: German corporation

Industries: Renewable energies

Concrete project successes (excerpt):

  • Restructuring of 50 commodity groups
  • Creation of transparency in a purchasing volume of ~350 Mio. € p. a.
  • Total cost savings: 65 million € / 2 years
  • Documentation of all purchasing processes and assignment of responsibilities
  • New assignment of tasks for purchasing employees
  • Implementation of on-the-job training for procurement staff

Project description

Restructuring of the entire purchasing organization including design and implementation.

Project execution

For two years DBC supported the client in restructuring and optimizing the existing purchasing department. At the start of the project, the organization and purchasing volume were analyzed holistically and in detail.

In the next step, the commodity groups and the supplier pool were classified, prioritized and appropriate measures were derived with regard to identified risk and optimization potentials. The existing commodity groups were aligned in a target-oriented manner according to best practice approaches and strategically purchased.

In the course of developing a new procurement strategy, job profiles were created for all employees, career paths developed, areas of responsibility defined and the corresponding areas of deployment reorganized according to competence.

The standing of procurement was sustainably improved and strengthened within the company thanks to the new organizational structure and performance capability.

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