Project success

SAP SRM 7.01 Upgrade (EHP1)

Project at a glance

Customer: German corporation

Industries: Medical technology

Project success

  • Upgrade from SRM 5.0 to 7.01 (EHP1)
  • New SRM features activated
  • Design and implementation of a new workflow
  • Process cost reduction
  • Increase of savings by using tenders

Project description

Support of a German medical technology company in the conception, implementation and technical realization of a SAP SRM upgrade from SRM 5.0 to SRM 7.01 (EHP1), the implementation of SUS and the CPPR.

Project execution

The existing SAP SRM 5.0 was used for eProcurement and contracts.

The goal was to significantly increase the functionality of SRM, reduce customizations and in the second stage allow suppliers to participate in tenders.

The challenge was to raise the modified SRM system to SRM 7 EHP 1 in order to use new functions, to rebuild the workflow in a lean way and to train all users in procurement and the end users. Furthermore, a professional catalog provider was selected and their catalog system was implemented. This offers an attractive user interface and a convenient update function for suppliers via the Internet. The catalog is hosted by the catalog provider (SaaS).

After a successful upgrade to SRM 7.01, the new functions were activated and adjustments were reduced.

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