HANA Support

The SAP database HANA is supported.

Optimization of the personal worklist

Search optimization of the supply source determination is available.

Mandatory fields

More options for mandatory fields.

Central representation

The substitution function has now been centralized so that users can use a single screen to create substitutes for team procurement, sourcing, and workflow.

Redistribution of the workload

Redistribute the worklist for individual items in the shopping cart, change the purchasing group or purchasing organization, designate items in the shopping cart for automatic assignment, and redistribute shopping carts that are relevant only for the sourcing application.

Automatic enlargement of long text fields

Long text fields for shopping carts and orders can be enlarged. This improves the readability of the long text, as the text can be displayed in full on the image.

Order header condition

Purchasers can be enabled to set a condition at the header level for the total amount of the order.