SAP SRM 7.0 standard order process

Enclosed is an overview of the main innovations of SAP® SRM 7.0 compared to SAP® SRM 5.0 (SRM = Supplier Relationship Management).

General information

  • Improved integration with SAP® ERP for text transfers, changes, and consistency checks for purchase order data transfer
  • Planned procurement is supported. This helps especially in direct material.
    This can be production planning, automated production systems, project applications for project planning  or maintenance applications.
  • Individual processing of purchasing documents in the POWL (Personal Worklist).
  • Ability to bid on structured service requests, order confirmation, service entry  and invoices for the suppliers who get access to SAP® SRM.
  • Multiple methods of supplier evaluation

Operational procurement Self Service Procurement 

  • Team shopping cart - the orderer can share the shopping cart with a self-defined team for further viewing  and editing.
  • Services purchasing - procurement of services has been improved.
  • Support of different types of services (e.g. time-based or result-based).
  • Consideration of complexity of services (e.g. service hierarchies).
  • Easier copying of existing purchase order items into new purchase orders.
  • Item-by-item  approval is possible.
  • Columns are  personally adjustable and sortable in the view "shopping cart".

Strategic Purchasing

  • Contract Management
    Contracts can be created centrally inSAP® SRM and distributed to many different SAP® ERP systems.
    Multiple warning limits, e.g. expiration date, target value and target quantity.
    Ability to set payment terms at line item level                 
  • Request for Proposal
    New for services:
    Hierarchies can be used for RFPs.
    SRM/MDM catalog can be used as service directory.
  • Enhancement of functions in tendering
  • Auction: Action monitoring and bidding in real time

Catalog Management with SAP® SRM/MDM Catalog

  • Possibility to import purchasing info records and contracts from SAP® ERP
  • Support of service related hierarchies
  • Customizable user interface and advanced search function        


  • New user interface (UI) WebDynpro for ABAP
  • Stronger integration into the SAP® Portal (EP) of SAP® SRM
    From SP5 onwards it is possible to choose between using the portal or the Business Client for the use of 
    SAP® SRM 7 can be selected.
  • SAP Workflow has been changed. The previous application-driven workflow framework is replaced by the 
    process-driven workflow (BRF).
    The new workflow makes it easier to map customer-specific business processes in SRM.
    Old workflows from SAP® SRM 5 can still be used.
  • SAP® PI can be used well. For this purpose the SAP® Business Connector is still available.

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