SAP® SRM (Supplier Relationship Management) is SAP's established purchasing application. SRM supports the procurement process, offers a simple user interface (especially with UI5) and has many standard interfaces for a comprehensive expansion of the system. Despite this scope, procurement sometimes lacks intelligent functionality. DBC fills these gaps with its SRM AddOns. We have listed our top 10 here for an initial overview:


SRM Email Wareneingang

SRM Email Goods Receipt

Goods receipts can be booked (offline) from the reminder email. A simple reply from the SmartPhone is sufficient for this.

SRM Automatischer Wareneingang

SRM Automatic goods receipt

The goods receipt is posted automatically, depending on customer-specific parameters such as a value limit.

SRM EasyCatalog

SRM EasyCatalog

Especially with external catalogs (punch-outs, WebShops) it happens that catalog data like commodity groups and units have to be adapted to company conventions. Our AddOn helps to use a standard material group structure (such as eClass) internally in a condensed way. Order cancellations due to incorrect catalog merchandise groups are avoided.

SRM Auftrags-/Bestellbestätigung

SRM Order/Purchase Order Confirmation

The supplier gets a simple and secure way to report an order confirmation. The confirmation information is available to users without manual steps in SAP MM and SAP SRM (classic scenario). Orderers and procurement can thus quickly see whether a supplier has received a purchase order and can deliver according to the order.


SRM Multi-Company Framework

SRM Multi-Company Framework

The technical solution for customers with an extensive IT landscape or many group companies. All BADI implementations can be controlled company code-dependent and configured via a central control table. In case of company code-dependent or company-specific changes, no recursion test of all companies needs to be performed. 

SRM QuickBanf

SRM QuickBanf

Optimizes self-procurement & license costs: Through an upstream simplified procurement interface, users can easily and quickly report requirements that are transferred to SAP SRM

SRM QuickBanf

SRM Upload Shopping Cart

In case of extensive requirements (keyword: mass order) the user can pre-enter, buffer and edit the positions in Excel. All known Excel functionalities are available. With the upload, shopping carts are created from an Excel file in SAP SRM  .

SRM Upload Kontrakte

SRM Upload Contracts

Contracts can be defined manually on the basis of Excel tables. With the upload, contracts are created in SAP SRM from the Excel file. The add-on supports, for example, the transfer of contracts from legacy systems.

SRM Genehmigerdatenbank

SRM Approver Database

In some companies the approvers and their competencies are not maintained in a SRM suitable database or form so that an SAP SRM workflow can use them. The Deutsche Business Consulting add-on enables the use of complex approver and competence structures outside the SAP SRM standard.

SRM Lieferavis mit Adobe

SRM Despatch Advice with Adobe

Here, the supplier is provided with a simple & secure way to report the ASN electronically without media disruption. The ASN information is available to SAP MM and SAP SRM users (classic scenario).

DBC SAP SRM Archivbox

DBC SAP SRM Archive Box

If SAP SRM has been used in a company for several years, the amount of data and the number of transactions will increase. Loss of performance - in the worst case a system failure - causes dissatisfaction among users and administrators, unless a competent data management concept is in place.

Use the proven DBC concept based on SAP standard technology, the DBC ArchivBox SAP SRM. The modules follow a logical structure and allow a successive approach. From technical analysis to implementation, process control lies with the customer, who can integrate the DBC concept as required. Therefore, you avoid system downtime and long hourglass runtimes with the DBC concept based on SAP standards.