SCEP Score® Performance Rating

How well do you know your procurement?

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The SCEP Score® Performance Rating is a key performance indicator system that makes both qualitative performance states and quantitative facts transparent through interviews and the review of KPIs in procurement.

The procurement experts of the Deutsche Business Consulting GmbH thus offer a rating procedure that can be scaled according to industry and company size, which addresses the challenges of every purchasing department across the board and uncovers development potential. In the process, procurement is viewed from seven different perspectives with so-called performance levers:

  • Procurement strategy
  • Procurement organization
  • Procurement processes
  • Procurement IT
  • Risk management
  • Supplier Management
  • Material group management

Unlike traditional KPI systems, SCEP Score® Performance Rating also takes qualitative aspects into account when evaluating the purchasing organization and performance. As a result, you get a complete picture of your procurement's performance.

The basis is laid by workshops moderated by us with your purchasing experts and focus interviews with the purchasing staff and interface managers of your company. Subsequently, the results are evaluated in a standardized manner according to the SCEP Score® Performance Rating. In a comprehensive management summary, the results of the analysis are presented to you and an action plan for optimizing the identified weaknesses is created.

The SCEP Score® Performance Rating of the Deutsche Business Consulting GmbH thus helps your decision makers to focus their attention on what is important in your procurement. In addition, our procedure offers the possibility to carry out benchmarks within and outside your own company boundaries.

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