DBC SpendCube - The leverage is in procurement!

True to the motto: "You can only manage what you can measure", the Deutsche Business Consulting has developed SpendCube, a process in which your spend data is first examined and, depending on its quality, adjusted in order to carry out potential analyses with recommendations for action for selected product groups in the subsequent step.


A consistent material group structure is the basis for creating expenditure transparency. The commodity groups used in business practice, such as "99999 - Other", run counter to this objective. The Deutsche Business Consulting GmbH validates your data according to a specially developed logic and adjusts it if necessary. Likewise, our procurement consultants support you in revising your material group structure.

In addition to the conventional structuring of order data such as consumer, supplier and commodity groups, the SpendCube ensures maximum transparency by looking at currencies, supplier countries or donation trends, for example. A standardized tool is used to display and evaluate the data, which can be adapted and transferred on request. Based on the evaluation results, our procurement consultants analyze your savings potential per product group and make clear recommendations for action. This is supported by an extensive price database and anonymized price inquiries.

Schritt 1: Transparenz

Step 1: Transparency

We create transparency in your purchasing volume and identify the most important commodity groups, suppliers and consumers.

Schritt 2: Savingspotentiale


Step 2: Saving potential

Based on the analyzed expense data, we derive well-founded possible saving potentials.

Schritt 3: Umsetzung

Step 3: Implementation

We are looking forward to supporting you with our commodity group expertise in realizing saving potentials.